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Milan Food Policy

Sustainable Development Video Training

Video Training Expands Milan’s Award Wining Food Policy Process

Milan won the 2018 Guangzhou Innovation Award. This training module expands the reach and accelerates
the sharing of Milan’s SDG-2 success with other cities. 

Video Campaign Goals

The challenge was to produce a online video training module. Then launch the video campaign with our digital marketing strategy to maximize exposure by ramping up to 500 visits per day in the first 90 days.

Impact & Results

Milan reduces the cost, time, and staff required to support all the delegates with online video training. This valuable information needed for climate change is spread faster and eliminates travel impact.

Video Distribution Results

  • 135,000 views of the intro video in 60 days
  • 46 countries active on page
  • Ramped from 0 to 500 new visits per day
  • 10 minutes on page average

Introduction to the Milan Food Policy video training

Video Campaign Optimization

video campaign optimization increase page views

Video content is the fastest converting method.

Our low budget simple three step funnel:

      1. Reach 100K views per month
      2. 15-20% engagement from video views
      3. 15,000-20,000 landing page views per month
      4. Conservative 2% Conversion

350 new highly qualified people every month.
How will this change your business?

video views are sustainable audiece growth

Our Approach to Sustainable Development Video Training

The award winning Milan Food Policy is a dense and often complex subject. Changing food policies not only eliminates food waste but also effects climate change, and enhances social value.

How do we communicate all that?

We produced 28 videos and delivered them in an easy to follow learning module. Interactive design features keep the nature of the distracted mind engaged. A video training library makes it easy to reference after going through the full course.

Full Service Video You Can Trust

Maximize your objectives and budget with one full service video production and distribution team.

We worked with four agencies to deliver these results for the Milan Food Policy Video Training Project


Video Production

  • 28 video interviews
  • 12 locations in Milan
  • 4 days
  • Script & Shot lists
  • Location logistics
  • Data management


  • Voice talent casting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Audio Transcription
  • Audio Selection & Licensing
  • Editing & Color Grading
  • Learning Module Design

Video Distribution

  • Create & Manage Ads
  • Daily KPI Optimization
  • Influencer Network Sharing
  • Metadata on Hosting Provider
  • Link back requests
  • Top keyword ranks #1

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