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Nepal Ecocity Video Campaign

Audience Growth Campaign to Maximize Eco-City Standards in Kathmandu

Video Campaign Goals

We collaborated with the Municipality of Lalitpur, UNEP, and Ecocity Builders. Then created a video driven audience growth campaign to increase real world actions from a highly engaged digital community. The active users of the online community are increasing the reach of the Nepal Ecocity Network and local municipality objectives.

Video Distribution Results

The growth of the new Facebook community was driven by a video campaign. The digital community in Nepal grew to 10,500 members in 60 days with an average engagement of 18%.

Social Impact Benefits

During the project three more municipalites signed on to the network and the cities first bike lanes were established.

Video Introduction to the Nepal Ecocity Network

Video Campaign Optimization

Video is the fastest converting content there is. It’s a proven numbers game with our simple three step funnel.

500K views with 18% engagement translates to 90,000 people going to a landing page. Take a very conservative 1% of that 90K and you have 900 people ready to act on your offer. What would you do with 300 people per month ready to take action?

Knowing that we wanted to ramp up an audience of 18-30 year old people in the Kathmandu Valley we used a creative video strategy of show don’t tell.

The videos featured success stories of active Nepali people working in sustainable businesses focused on preserving cultural heritage while having a positive environmental impact.

Learn more in the Nepal Ecocity Network Facebook Community

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International video production logistics are complex and time consuming. We managed travel, locations, local guides, equipment, shot list development, and data requirements. Out international production experience in developing environemnets made this much smoother.

Video Production

Working with multiple agency objectives to create scripts and shot lists can be challenging. Nimble and quick equipement setups with no compromise on quality deliverd 3TB of beautiful 4K footage.


We delivered multiple edits from bite size soical media video to three minute commercials. Utilizing motion graphics to communicate complex urban systems into easy to undertand video.

Campaign Design & Strategy

Using Facebook audience insights, search volume metrics, and insights from data research in the commmunities we designed a 90 day audience growth campaign strategy.

Creative Stratgey

Sustainable urban development changes are hard, so we took a creative approach that was uplifing and positive. The video campaign focused on honoring the cultural heritage and local sustainablitiy successes already in place. The kindness and genuine nature of Nepali people is amazing. The content is aimed to showcase, encourge, and expand on these norms.

Campaign Management

Daily management of KPI’s to reach our goal of 10,000 active followers in the 18-30 age range residing in the Kathmandu Valley region.

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