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“Fray for All” is a comedy web series exploring controversial topics with quick witty dialog. Translumin was the video production company and producer of the web series. Working with many great people creating these comedy shorts was fantastic experience in low budget fast paced video production. Collaborating on this web series also made us re-discover how much acting and film production talent there is in the San Francisco Bay Area. Comedy brings people together. All episodes are written and directed by Vicki Kozel.

Employee Market is episode four in our comedy web series. Competition for talent in the technology sector is fierce. As executives jockey for higher paying positions, a pulse and a heartbeat are the minimum requirements for getting a new job.

Nothing is episode two in this comedy web series that pokes at controversial subjects with quick witty dialog. A successful entrepreneur, who sells nothing, is interviewed by a inquisitive reporter.

How To Kill Your Argument is the third episode in this comedy web series based on absurd humor of controversial topics. A high school debate on the death penalty ensues with green executions for a green economy.

Ukrainium is the first episode in this comedy web series matching quick wit dialog between a senior and junior analyst as they discuss Ukrainians enriching uranium in Richmond.

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